CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015


One hundred and sixty four (164) students participated in the Exploratory program during September and October. One hundred and seventeen (117) tenth and eleventh graders will be placed in permanent shops on Monday November 9th. Forty seven (47) ninth graders will continue to explore through the first semester and will be placed in shops January 25, 2016.

 Cooperative Education:

All juniors participated in the Resume and Cover Letter Writing Seminar and created their respective resumes and cover letters.

Prom Committee:

The Prom Committee held a Halloween dance on Friday Oct. 30th in the CTEC gym.

CTEC Community Service:

Every year CTEC students participate in the annual Rock 102 Mayflower Marathon food drive running now through November 24th under the supervision of Erica Soares.

CTEC Programs’ Advisory Committees:

The first Advisory Committee meeting for all CTEC programs was held on Oct. 27th with more than 120 attendees.

 In accordance with Chapter 74 regulations each approved program must have an Advisory Committee consisting of representatives of program related local businesses and organized labor, parents and students. The Program Advisory Committees meet twice a year. The next meeting is scheduled for April 27, 2016. All meetings comply with the Open Meeting Law, M.G.L. c. 39, s.23B. Effective members of any committee are people who will make positive contributions, with knowledge of industry trends and who stay in the forefront of change.

The main purpose of an advisory committee is to keep Career TEC Programs in tune with the ever-changing labor market trends in a variety of ways:

  • curriculum and instruction methods
  • program evaluation, validate tasks and competencies
  • equipment and facility needs
  • informative information regarding safety issues and standards promulgated by industry and/or state or federal regulations as it applies to program
  • changes in industry standards
  • measure trends in the local labor market, new and/or developing fields
  • career pathways guidance
  • potential employers
  • cooperative education sites
  • community relations