ISSN-1 Fall 2015

With 10th grade exploratory commencing, ISSN-1 now has 14 first year Full-time 10th grade students within the program. They are beginning their venture towards Cisco IT Essentials and CompTIA A+ certification via the curriculum and hands on labs within the program. Previously the program was limited to 12 students due to workstation availability.

The afternoon 10th grade students were able to help a recent widow the ability to access and recover her husband’s computer files (Family pictures) by resetting his password to allow her access to his account and files.
The first year 11th grade students just finished upgrading the ISSN-1 room from 10/100 Ethernet to 1000 (1 Gigabit) Ethernet connectivity within the classroom. This upgrade now enables the ISSN-1 students to perform Virtualization Operating Systems installations over the network from the file server to their virtual machine without using DVD or CD media. Thus saving costs in the long run. This upgrade also enables faster installation processes of applications stored on the server.
The ISSN program now has the capabilities and tools to copy old home made VHS tapes to MPEG videos that maybe also copied to DVD. This enables people to save their old home movies and archive them. Also along with archiving VHS tapes, ISSN-1 also now has the capability to convert old vinyl albums, records, and 45’s to MP3 files for archival purposes as well. This includes 78’s, 33’s, and 45’s.