DECA/FIDM nationwide challenge

One of our teams has won third place in the DECA/FIDM nationwide  challenge. This team consists of Samantha Gregory and Mark Botnaru (both Seniors from Agawam) and Gabriella Klinakis (a Sophmore from Easthampton.) This team is eligible to attend the DECA NAtional Conference, a first for LPVEC. I don’t know the total for this year, but last year 80 teams from DECA chapters around the country participated in this event.

1st  Place –  Castro Valley High School (California)    
(Kyley Lockwood, Erica Gorman, Rita Sorokina)

2nd Place – Bergen County Academies (New Jersey)
(Mary Heck, Erica Golubovsky)

3rd Place –  Lower Pioneer Valley High School (Massachusetts)
(Gabriella Klinakis, Samantha Gregory, Mark Botnaru)

Congratulations to these students for their outstanding work!  The top three teams will be recognized on stage at DECA’s International Career Development Con­ference in Orlando, Florida. The overall winning team from Castro Valley High School will be awarded a travel stipend to help attend DECA’s International Career Development Conference.



Shane Thomas