CTEC’s Open House has been rescheduled for  Tuesday, February 28th from 5-7  Come and see what CTEC Has to offer!

2016 Toys for Tots Drive

Early Education and Care Seniors and Sophomores conducted a Toys for Tots drive this holiday season. With the support of the CTEC community, EEC donated over 50 toys to the program, and another 10 to Shriners Children’s Hospital! The Marines who collected our toys were even kind enough to stay and read some stories to the children in the Early Learning Center. Thanks for everyone for your support!

Our Districts

Our Districts

Students attend CTEC from: Agawam, East Longmeadow, Longmeadow, Easthampton, Hampden-Wilbraham, Ludlow, Southwick-Tolland-Granville, West Springfield and
South Hadley.

CTEC offers

CTEC offers a unique, hands-on high school experience in a state-of-the-art facility. Students spend half-days at CTEC and half-days in their home districts. Watch our video to learn more about what makes CTEC so unique. Learn More…

Open House



ROCK 102 Mayflower Marathon Food Drive

Rock 102 van Collection in the Foyerscanning our items at the BBHOFHappy to be here
This November the freshmen class hosted a food drive to assist Rock102’s efforts in this year’s annual Mayflower Marathon. Collectively, Career TEC raised a total of $1,772.42 in non perishable food donations. We beat last year’s goal by over $400.00.
On Tuesday, November 22nd seven freshmen accompanied by Ms Soares, their Guidance Counselor, to the drop off site, the Basketball Hall of Fame, where Bax and O’Brien were broadcasting their morning show live. Students got a chance to scan all items collected and  load food into the trucks that will go to the Open Pantry that will assist our community in having a happy Thanksgiving.

Open House November 22, 2016 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Please join us from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Come meet our instructors, see what programs we have. Open to public, new students, current students, prospective students and parents are all welcome!

FFA Floral Competition 2016

Gabby Rodzen from South Hadley & Zack Cervone from West Springfield Place in the Floral Design Competition, Gabby took 8th and Zack 14th out of 30 contestants. Great Jobimg_2523 img_2524

CTEC 2016 Field Day

CTEC 2016 Field Day

CTEC 2016 Prom

CTEC 2016 Prom

Vans Custom Culture Competition

Rob CollinsSeniors participated in the VANS Custom Culture design competition. They received 4 pair of VANS and had to design them following 4 themes: Art, Music, Local Flavor, and Action Sports. We got to visit Rob Collins ’11 (on the right) from Longmeadow, a DVC Alum who works for CONVERSE as a Marketing director at the HQ in Boston, MA where my student got to design and print custom artwork on shoes. What a great experience and how nice it was to see where a DVC alumni can end up in 5 years!Vans group Ctec

Josh Jerin ’16, Southwick
Carolyn Mingola’16, Southwick
Amy Gowey ’16, Easthampton
Gabby Martin ’16, Agawam






van shoes

Two Golds and a Silver




Joshua Pierson from Easthampton in the Information Support Systems & Networking (ISSN) program won a Gold Medal in the Internetworking competition.

Wesley Welch from Ludlow in the Information Support Systems & Networking (ISSN) program won a Silver Medal in the Internetworking competition.

Benjamin Lind from Ludlow in the Information Support Systems & Networking (ISSN) program won a Gold Medal in the Information Technology Service competition.



Gingerbread Houses made by our Students

Gingerbread Houses made by our Students20151216_093707

Culinary Cooks with Early Childhood Program at LPVEC

Culinary Cooks with Early Childhood Program at LPVEC

20151216_092942 20151216_093129

Give a Little Bit

Thank you all, staff, teachers, students and parents for the wonderful response to this year’s “Give a Little Bit” event. My students delivered the gifts to the Center for Human Development (West Springfield) on Friday. From theer our donations will be wrapped and transported to foster teens in Western Mass.
     This year we supported 20 foster teens with 5 wishes each, 100 gifts. We also donated another 100 “stocking stuffers” to be used where needed. This is a total of 200 gifts!
     The Center for Human Development greatly appreciates your donations.
     Thank you from Fashion Technology and Mrs. Ostapoff
Give 1 Give 2

Congratulations Culinary Students on achieving the Federation of Dining Room Professionals Apprentice Certification

Congratulations Culinary Students on achieving the Federation of Dining Room Professionals Apprentice Certification

Congratulations Goes to:

  • Carlos Aponte Roque
  • Cynthia Brames
  • Seth Bielinski
  • Britny Hefner
  • Reindhardt Hepburn
  • Austin Kline
  • Justin Nazario
  • Angel Laboy
  • Justin Zabarsky
  • Mike Porfilio
  • Mahki Scott



GOLD Medal Winner Justin Nazzario- Vica Skills Leadership Conference – November 2015

GOLD Medal Winner Justin Nazzario- Vica Skills Leadership Conference – November 2015

Justin Nazzario brought home two gold medals from the Vica Officers Leadership Conference!! Way to go Justin!


November NECI Visit with students

November NECI (New England Culinary Institute) Visit with students

IMG_0972_2 IMG_0970_2 (1) IMG_1865

ISSN-1 Fall 2015

With 10th grade exploratory commencing, ISSN-1 now has 14 first year Full-time 10th grade students within the program. They are beginning their venture towards Cisco IT Essentials and CompTIA A+ certification via the curriculum and hands on labs within the program. Previously the program was limited to 12 students due to workstation availability.

The afternoon 10th grade students were able to help a recent widow the ability to access and recover her husband’s computer files (Family pictures) by resetting his password to allow her access to his account and files.
The first year 11th grade students just finished upgrading the ISSN-1 room from 10/100 Ethernet to 1000 (1 Gigabit) Ethernet connectivity within the classroom. This upgrade now enables the ISSN-1 students to perform Virtualization Operating Systems installations over the network from the file server to their virtual machine without using DVD or CD media. Thus saving costs in the long run. This upgrade also enables faster installation processes of applications stored on the server.
The ISSN program now has the capabilities and tools to copy old home made VHS tapes to MPEG videos that maybe also copied to DVD. This enables people to save their old home movies and archive them. Also along with archiving VHS tapes, ISSN-1 also now has the capability to convert old vinyl albums, records, and 45’s to MP3 files for archival purposes as well. This includes 78’s, 33’s, and 45’s.

2015 ASE Industry Education Alliance banner

Dear NATEF Accredited Program,
Very shortly you will be receiving our 2015 ASE Industry Education Alliance banner. This banner showcases our Alliance partners. It is through their financial support we are able to make NATEF accreditation and the AYES student model available nationwide. These manufacturers, companies and associations support all of our efforts to bring young people into our industry and help educate and train them effectively.
Please display this banner appropriately in your school. If you would like additional banners, let us know and depending on our supply, we will provide them. Please also thank representatives of the Alliance partner companies as you see them throughout the year.
Thank you for all you do to support career and technical education for our industry.

ROCK 102 Mayflower Marathon Food Drive

During the month of November CTEC teamed up with ROCK 102 in collecting non perishable food items for the Open Pantry. Collectively we helped raise $1473.14 in food donations. Ninth and tenth graders helped Ms Soares in promoting the event and transporting all items to the Basketball Hall of Fame where ROCK 102 was holding their live broadcast. Nice job everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!lobbyMM rockvan

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015


One hundred and sixty four (164) students participated in the Exploratory program during September and October. One hundred and seventeen (117) tenth and eleventh graders will be placed in permanent shops on Monday November 9th. Forty seven (47) ninth graders will continue to explore through the first semester and will be placed in shops January 25, 2016.

 Cooperative Education:

All juniors participated in the Resume and Cover Letter Writing Seminar and created their respective resumes and cover letters.

Prom Committee:

The Prom Committee held a Halloween dance on Friday Oct. 30th in the CTEC gym.

CTEC Community Service:

Every year CTEC students participate in the annual Rock 102 Mayflower Marathon food drive running now through November 24th under the supervision of Erica Soares.

CTEC Programs’ Advisory Committees:

The first Advisory Committee meeting for all CTEC programs was held on Oct. 27th with more than 120 attendees.

 In accordance with Chapter 74 regulations each approved program must have an Advisory Committee consisting of representatives of program related local businesses and organized labor, parents and students. The Program Advisory Committees meet twice a year. The next meeting is scheduled for April 27, 2016. All meetings comply with the Open Meeting Law, M.G.L. c. 39, s.23B. Effective members of any committee are people who will make positive contributions, with knowledge of industry trends and who stay in the forefront of change.

The main purpose of an advisory committee is to keep Career TEC Programs in tune with the ever-changing labor market trends in a variety of ways:

  • curriculum and instruction methods
  • program evaluation, validate tasks and competencies
  • equipment and facility needs
  • informative information regarding safety issues and standards promulgated by industry and/or state or federal regulations as it applies to program
  • changes in industry standards
  • measure trends in the local labor market, new and/or developing fields
  • career pathways guidance
  • potential employers
  • cooperative education sites
  • community relations

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Machine Technology:

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Machine Technology:

  • This new program will officially begin on Monday Nov. 9th.

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Landscaping Technology & Horticulture:

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Landscaping Technology & Horticulture:

  • The program participated in the FFA display at the Big E and took 4th place.

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Information Support Services and Networking:

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Information Support Services and Networking:

  • The new students have begun working on the first of many CISCO certifications (CISCO IT Essentials) they hope to achieve.

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Health Assisting:

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Health Assisting:

The program began the year with a new Clinical site, Heritage Hall.

  • Sept. 16th & Oct. 13th Heritage Hall orientations included an understanding of the HIPAA Law, confidentiality, and lifting.
  • Oct. 20th Heritage Hall’s  staff educator Cindy Eagan  came to CTEC to do an in-service on mechanical lifts and lifting procedures for all students.
  • Oct. 30th Heritage Hall’s Safety Director, Eric, did a presentation to the students on Fire Safety.
  • Oct. 19th an admissions representative from American International College gave a presentation and processed seven (7) applications in which processing fees were waived.
  • Twenty-two (22) students completed the online Global Compliance Network training.
  • Juniors and seniors completed the Blood Borne Pathogen Orientation
  • Four (4) juniors were certified in Basic Life Saving

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Graphic Communications:

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Graphic Communications:

  • Oct. 30th juniors and seniors spent the day at the Springfield Art & Science Museums on a guided tour of Art Works and Currier Ives.

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Fashion Technology:

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Fashion Technology:

  • Sept. 24th students participated in the day long Extreme Entrepreneurship Event  at Springfield Technical Community College where they heard from several successful entrepreneurs including speakers who have started successful clothing businesses.
  • The students held a Yankee Candle fundraiser to raise funds for their annual New York City trip in the spring.

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Early Education & Care:

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Early Education & Care:

  • The juniors in the program accompanied the Early Learning Center students Trick or treating throughout the building.

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Design & Visual Communications:

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Design & Visual Communications:

  • The students held a Yankee Candle fundraiser to raise funds for their annual New York City trip in the spring.

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Culinary Arts:

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Culinary Arts:

  • Community Service Volunteers from the program, along with other CTEC students and staff,  volunteered on the weekends at the BIG E West Springfield Lions Club food concession preparing food and serving.
  • The Bistro, student run restaurant is open to the public on Thursdays and Fridays from noon to 1 PM.
  • Oct. 9th Guest Speaker Chef DeLainey Broggi from Johnson & Wales University did a presentation on Food Science: Blackberry Agar Caviar.
  • Oct. 27th the students prepared dinner for 120 guests, all members of the CTEC programs Advisory Committees.
  • Oct. 28th Student Community Service Volunteers from the program participated at West of the River Chamber of Commerce Food Fest held at Chez Josef.  The students manned the CTEC Culinary Arts booth preparing and serving Butternut and Tomato Bisque and Ham, Cheddar and Apple Cranberry Slaw Baguettes.

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Cosmetology:

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Cosmetology:

  • Oct.  26th a representative from Hairlines presented a Paul Mitchell color class to the seniors.
  • Students held a Yankee Candle fundraiser to support the two scholarships named for two students from their program that have passed away.
  • The Salon is now open and taking appointments.

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Carpentry:

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Carpentry:

  • Sept. 24th juniors and seniors spent the day at the Union Carpenter Training Center in Millbury, MA
  • The juniors and seniors are working on an off-site educational experience   involving the restoration of the Monkey House at Forest Park.

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Building/ Property Management:

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Building/Property Management:

  • Oct. 2nd field trip to the workshop of Robert Lord, Fine Furniture Marker in Ashfield, MA where students had the opportunity to learn about conservation & restoration along with harvesting greenwood for a project.
  • Community service volunteers in the program have been assisting the West Springfield DPW spreading woodchips in the area playgrounds.

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Automotive Technology:

CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Automotive Technology:

  • Added to the curriculum three additional online SP2 certificate trainings: Mechanical Pollution Prevention, Land That Job: Interview Skills for Automotive Students and Ethics in the Automotive Industry.
  • 100% of all students who have returned to the program have completed the SP2 Mechanical Safety and Mechanical Pollution Prevention training. Over 50% of returning students have completed the SP2 Land That Job: Interview Skills for Automotive Students.
  • Oct. 23rd field trip to Mass Bay Community College Automotive Facility where the seniors participated in an all-day training on Hybrid Vehicles alongside their instructors.

November Newsletter 2015

Health November 2015

Museum Field Trip

Museum Field Trip


Jared and his Rolls-Royce

Jared and his Rolls-Royce


Mia posing for Rolls-Royce

Mia posing for Rolls-Royce

Fun with Dr Suess

Fun with Dr Suess

Dr Suess with class list

Dr Suess with class list

Angel posing

Angel posing

Graphics Pose

Graphics Pose

Ben thinking the Rolls Royce would be fun to drive

Ben thinking the Rolls Royce would be fun to drive

Halloween Dance

CTEC’s First Annual Halloween Dance

Halloween Dance Photos

Food Fest at Chez Josef October 2015

Food Fest At Chez Josef October 2015 – Great Job done by all our volunteers

20151028_192047 20151028_192110 (1) 20151028_191627 20151028_173940

Student Pumpkin Carving for Advisory Display October 2015

Student Pumpkin Carving Display for Annual Advisory Meeting October 2015

20151027_184307 IMG_1833

IMG_1838 IMG_1839 IMG_1831 IMG_1835 IMG_1829 (1) IMG_1824 IMG_1828

Johnson and Wales Visit October 2015

Johnson and Wales Visit October 2015

IMG_1758 IMG_1756 IMG_1757 IMG_1754

Health Newsletter April 2015

Health Newsletter April 2015

Health Newsletter January 2015

Health Newsletter January 2015

Health Newsletter November 2014

Health Newsletter November 2014

Health Newsletter Fall 2014

Health Newsletter Fall 2014

Successful STEM Summer Program

This is an email I received from Felicia.  She is the Director or the STEM Starter Academy for Springfield Technical Community College.  We had a number of our students attend from our ISSN/Cisco class this past summer!  I look forward to our 2016 class attending next summer.

Good day, Greg

It was great to meet you during our poster session for our second STEM Starter Academy summer bridge program at Springfield Technical Community College.
Thank you for recommending Timothy Bednarzyk, Dalton Drummond, Jesse Giroux-Buchanan, and Drew Hardy. They are such a talented group of students.  They impressed us a great deal while participating in our summer bridge.
I do hope that you inform students of STEM Starter Academy who you think might be interested in participating in the program for summer 2016.  Applications for the upcoming summer bridge program at STCC will be available for distribution later in the year.  If possible, I would also like to visit your school later in the academic year to meet with any interested students.
Thank you.
Felicia D. Griffin-Fennell, Ph.D.
Director, STEM Starter Academy
Springfield Technical Community College

Blood Drive

The Health Assisting Class will be hosting two Blood Drives this school year in our gym at Career Tec.  Please join us to save a life on December 22, 2015 and April 26, 2016 from 8 to 2.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Two Students Begin Their COOP Internships


Cameron Schmidt and Jared Mabel, both from Southwick have already begun internships as IT techs for their high school. More to come about this exciting development.

Jacob Galarza volunteering at Agawam Public Library.

Jacob Galarza will be participating as a  technical aid in a volunteer opportunity Tuesday September 15 at Agawam Public Library.  More on this when he returns.


Greenhouse Growing


Our Native Plant Rain Garden Display at Big E FFA 2015

Submission- Almost complete

Growing in the Greenhouse

The Freshman have been growing Tomato’s and Cucumbers for Culinary for the last two years all winter.

IMG_0600IMG_06012015-04-27 10.31.44

IMG_0598 IMG_0595


Off Site Jobs

0527140633 Retaining Wall



Student Wood Business

0428151451a 20150407_134410


West Springfield Rotary Club Adopt an Island

West Springfield Rotary Club Adopt an Island

The Rotary Club adopted an Island and in conjunction with Mr. Marion and his students the clean, prune, mulch, and plant the island for the Rotary Club of West Springfield.

IMG_3066 IMG_3065 IMG_3064

Putting Green is finished


Putting Green is finished

The Juniors & Seniors have worked on the putting green for the last three years and it is finally complete. The next step is a green’s mower and learning to sharpen it.

1126121239 image2


1028141631b 0603151348

Freshman Field trip to Mt. Holyoke College Flower Show

Freshman Field trip to Mt. Holyoke College Flower Show

2015-04-27 10.32.48  2015 Freshman Class


Bulb Show                                                 Orchids in Bloom


2015 Spring Plant Sale

2015 Spring Plant Sale

20150427_094244 20150427_094301 20150427_122407_002

Large Pots & Hangers 

2015-04-27 10.28.25 20150408_150333 20150408_150233

20150415_124616 Hanging Baskets

All plants are grown  and Maintained by the student in landscape & Horticulture program. The Left overs plants were donated to Forest Park and we are hoping to develop a small partnership with them next year.

2015 MA FFA State Conference

2015 MA FFA State Conference 2015-04-27 10.34.49                        2015 FFA Team

Juni Sanchez, Matt Narreau, Gabby Rodzen, Liam Jackson, Steven Stagnaro, Ian Snyder and Max Ritter. (from left to right)

2015-04-27 10.36.54  Matt Narreau takes third place gold in the Job interview competition



20150316_212445Practicing for their competitions Max Ritter & Matt Narreau     The Fun Comes Later



Dinner & the Dance

2015-04-27 10.35.4520150317_182515

Steven Stagnaro, Ms. Gentile and Juni Sanchez Banquet

FFA Dance, Juni dancing the night away!!!


Landscape/Horticulture News Letter

Landscape/Horticulture News Letter

Landscape & Horticulture Newsletter  2015-04-27 10.31.44 Fall 2014 #1 Mr. Marion & I would like to keep our student families informed as to the things we have going on in our shop. So we will be putting together a Season Newsletter to keep you up to date with what your student is working on. We hope you enjoy getting this newsletter and we welcome any comments. Fall has been a busy time for our students, getting back into the groove of going to school and studying once again. Some of the projects the students have been involved in by class include;

Seniors– The seniors have been working on some off campus projects such as a paver walkway design and installation out in Southwick. One of their other projects is a maintenance project which includes learning to run the following equipment safely & correctly; mower, backpack & ground blower, and weed trimmers. They are also preparing to take the pesticide exam. They are currently working at the Agawam Bus garage where they are doing a complete renovation of an old planting, along with general clean-up.

1028141631bPutting Green

The seniors have also been working for the last two years on the installation of a putting green. This fall the green was completed and the grass is growing. The next step is for them to learn the proper care of a green.  

Juniors– The 11th grade students this past semester covered how to properly and safely opperate chain saws, turf grass management and their project which they are still working on is a paver walkway that they designed and are in the process of installing along with the seniors. Their other project has been cord wood, they have been cutting and splitting up a storm all fall and they have sold about 7 cords this year.  Juniors have also been working at the bus garage weeding, removing bushes and pruning back the overgrowth.  

Bus garage

Sophomores– Have been covering Landscape Maintenance practices such as de-thatching lawns, renovating planting beds, edging of beds and leaf removal. We mainly worked here on campus while learning to use the equipment, and then we slowly go off site to work. Students are also working on two campus projects- A new planting for the Bistro Entrance and repair of the new back lawn. These two projects will cover preparing the site, planning a new design and then installation in the spring. We started with Floral Design a couple of weeks ago, concentrating on the care & handling of floral products, types of flowers and greens, safety in the work place, floral design principles, and business practices. Students will be making round and a candle center pieces for Thanksgiving sales. Right after Thanksgiving all the students will be getting started on the wreaths and kissing balls. First we will be harvesting evergreens (If anyone has any white pine, hemlock ect.. they would like to donate let us know). Once we complete harvesting the evergreens the students will learn to mix the greens and assemble them as they go. This year they will learn how to use a wreath machine and the bow maker.   Our

Open house is this week November 25, 2014 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Hope you can make it.

Students learning Landscape Maintenance

Students learning Landscape Maintenance

2015-04-27 10.32.122015-04-27 10.39.29

Liam Jackson & Ben Caron (10th grade) End of winter clean up of salt & sand from parking areas. 10th grade class removing the salt & sand from grass areas along the roadways at CTEC.

Bus garage20150410_091723

Spring clean-up at Bus Garage & CTEC


June 2015 Newsletter

6.16.15 newsletter

Cosmetology Spring Newsletter 2015

spring cosmo newsletter2015png6-10a spring cosmo newsletter2015rev6-10a

Cosmetology Spring Newsletter 2015

spring cosmo newsletter2015 pub.rev6-10

Jacob Galarza gets an internship

Jacob Galarza is a junior in our Cisco program that dreams of being among the first to colonize Mars. But, on a more down to earth note, he has just landed an internship in his chosen field of computer networking.  Jacob has successfully completed his first A Plus test and is now just one test away from full A Plus certification.  He is a good student that wanted to get an early taste of the working world.  Jacob asked to be a candidate for internship and I’m excited he was chosen for this honor.  His internship is done after school hours, so he has plenty of time to hit the books and finish his computer and networking certifications.  Well done Jacob.


Drew Hardy Hired

Drew Hardy, a senior who will be graduating this May, has been hired by a local technical support firm in Agawam.  Drew is currently training with them to do on-site technical support calls for their customer base.  This is an after school position that will grow into a full time job after he graduates.  Congratulations Drew.


ISSN/Cisco – Our Latest COOP Student

Timothy Bednarzyk is one of our advanced senior students who has landed his first paying tech job.  He is working for an industrial instruments company writing the programs needed for testing.  He has his A Plus certification and will shortly be completing his Cisco Exploration ONE (Cisco Certified Network Associate) CCNA Certification. He has had a long time interest in programming and robotics and it looks like that has paid off well for him.  We wish him all the best with the start of his new career.

Landon Cannizzaro takes the Gold at the March District Skills USA

Gold Medal Winner Relaxing on his Quad

Gold Medal Winner Relaxing on his Quad

Landon Cannizzaro is a Senior who will be graduating this May. This was his first Skills USA competition entry and he walked away with the gold medal. We are very proud of him and see a great future for him in the world of computer networking.

Boys and Girls Club of West Springfield Open House

Boys and Girls Club of West Springfield Open House March 2015


New England Culinary Arts Visit

DECA/FIDM nationwide challenge

One of our teams has won third place in the DECA/FIDM nationwide  challenge. This team consists of Samantha Gregory and Mark Botnaru (both Seniors from Agawam) and Gabriella Klinakis (a Sophmore from Easthampton.) This team is eligible to attend the DECA NAtional Conference, a first for LPVEC. I don’t know the total for this year, but last year 80 teams from DECA chapters around the country participated in this event.

1st  Place –  Castro Valley High School (California)    
(Kyley Lockwood, Erica Gorman, Rita Sorokina)

2nd Place – Bergen County Academies (New Jersey)
(Mary Heck, Erica Golubovsky)

3rd Place –  Lower Pioneer Valley High School (Massachusetts)
(Gabriella Klinakis, Samantha Gregory, Mark Botnaru)

Congratulations to these students for their outstanding work!  The top three teams will be recognized on stage at DECA’s International Career Development Con­ference in Orlando, Florida. The overall winning team from Castro Valley High School will be awarded a travel stipend to help attend DECA’s International Career Development Conference.



Shane Thomas

New center to train machinists of the future!

Massachusetts Tech Jobs

The job report for network technicians in Massachusetts is very in encouraging!


You can download or view the whole report by clicking on this link:

CTEC Staff Spreading Some Holiday Cheer

CTEC Staff Spreading Some Holiday Cheer

Gingerbread Project with Chef Maspo’s Students

Colburn Elementary School Winter Festival Sugar Cookie Donation



term 1 – 2014
DVC newsletter 2014-15
term 2 – 2014
parent newsletter T2 2014-15

DVC student work

Student Work 2014

Please continue to visit our blog to see more student work.


Dining Room Apprentice Certifications

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Freshmen and sophomores help promote The Rock102 Mayflower Marathon thanksgiving food drive. Career TEC students raised $860 in food donations for the Open Pantry.

Food Fest West

Food Fest West was held at Chef Josef in Agawam.  Students help serve Greek meatballs and hash brown casserole at the cocktail hour where money was raised for education.  Students who helped were, Matt Goeguen,  Mike Robinson, Angela Rose, Maire Sullivan, Colleen DeNardo, and Crystal DeCaro.

Cookies for the troops

Cosmetology Fall Newsletter

fall cosmo newsletter2014 png

Food Day 2014

 October 24, 2014 was “Food Day” encouraging students to try a bite of something new.

SkillsUSA Fall Edition 2014

fall 1st skills newsletter2014 png

Skills USA Fall 2014 Newsletter

fall 1st skills newsletter2014 png

Big E Landscape Set-up for 2014


Big E Landscape Set-up for 2014

This years Landscape & Horticulture students participated in the FFA Landscape Design Competition at the Big E, taking 4th place. Thank you Ms. Gentile for letting the students use your birdbath in their design. All the students participated in the set-up and will help with the take down next Monday. Our Landscape Designer is  Megan Judd, a senior from the Easthampton School District




Culinary Institute of America

Culinary Institute of America visits CTEC Culinary Arts Program for the day.

LPVEC Culinary Department

The LPVEC Culinary Department has some exciting events lined up for the start of the school year:
Our Junior & Seniors have been invited to help the West Springfield Lions Club prepare food at the Big E for their Lions Den Concession Stand.
Friday September 19th LPVEC will be hosting a Webcast run by The Culinary Institute of America ” Teaching with The CIA ” LPVEC will be accommodating other area Vocational Programs for this fun and informative event.
Our Student run ” Brush Hill Bistro” will be opening Thursdays and Fridays this upcoming year starting October 16th – Serving from Noon to 1 PM. We’re Fired up !

Graphics II 2014

newsletter graphics june

Cosmetology Newsletter 6-2014



Photo by Alison Wiseman

Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory Field Trip


Sugarloaf Mountain Photo by Ashley Matthews

Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory Field Trip

First Cosmetology Newsletter 2014

first newsletter2014

Graduated Senior Cosmeteology Students 2014

IMG958316 (1)
Cosmetology Senior News

We would like to congratulate the Seniors (Class of 2014) that have taken and passed their Cosmetology State Board Test, and also wish the remainder of Seniors scheduled for their exam the best of luck.

Sophomore Cosmetology Students Up-do Competition 6-13-14

This Is How We Roll

This is how we roll in Landscape & Horticulture

This is how we roll in Landscape & Horticulture


Frank Barbieri from Longmeadow High School on his new favorite piece of equipment enjoying the great weather working outside.


Nori Rolled Sushi Demonstration

Nori Rolled Sushi Demonstration  June 9, 2014

Presented by Chef Eric Rogers- Food Service director at Shriners Hospital

Trip to Farm Table

Trip to Farm Table to learn about sustainable foods

May 20, 2014

9th & 10th Grade 6.9.14 Newsletter

June 9 newsletter

SkillsUSA Districts 2014

Boys and Girls Club Open House

Vocational Student of the Year – Lisa Walden

Vocational Student of the Year – Lisa Walden

Lisa Walden, a Cosmetology student from Southwick.

During the past four years Lisa has been able to maintain an A average in both her technical and academic studies, and is a member of the “National Honor Society”. She has a maturity level that is unique for someone her age and is always willing to accept new challenges and responsibilities. During her four years at CTEC Lisa has accomplished the rare feat of being selected four times as the “Student of the Month” in her Cosmetology program. This “self-starter” is also a former “Skills USA” district “Gold Medalist” and is the recipient of the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship Award. An active member of her church Lisa even assists in some of the technical aspects of her worship service. Lisa hopes to start a non-profit organization in the future which will provide free Psychological services for children and families. Following graduation Lisa will be pursuing a degree in Psychology from either Howard, or Hofstra University in the fall.

Open House March 6th

Open House Ad March 6 2014

Gary Rome Hyundai

I have for the past eight years utilized the Automotive Program and I must say we are very pleased with everyone we have dealt with. The Co-op program has provided us with five students whom we have hired as full time employees after graduation.

Everyone has always done an excellent job in recommending the right student to match our company needs. The program has done an excellent job in preparing the students for entry level Automotive Technician positions.

Steven Maiolo
Service Director
Gary Rome Hyundai

The Pecoy Companies

Over the past 2 ½ years, I have worked closely with Career TEC and it’s Program Director, Patricia Parker- Flores, to place students and graduates in construction related positions throughout our organization. It has been a very rewarding and successful experience. To date, we have placed six of Career TEC’s students and graduates, four of whom have secured full-time positions within our organization and two others that have since moved on to explore other career opportunities. Because of our continued success and the quality of candidates we have found at Career TEC, we will continue to use them as a valuable resource to find and develop candidates that have what it takes to grow within our organization and become a part of a very successful and talented team.

Kevin Wiles, Finish Division Manager – The Pecoy Companies
The Pecoy Companies

Farmington, CT – 860-677-9944
West Springfield, MA – 413-781-7008
Direct – 413-304-3875
Fax – 413-781-7150

Proud Builders of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Hill Family Home at 735 Mather St., Suffield, CT.
To view our Gallery or for information about The Pecoy Companies and/or the Extreme Makeover build, please visit www.pecoy.com.

Boys & Girls Club of West Springfield

“After touring the fasciitis I was amazed at the variety of training opportunities they had available for the students, I immediately thought of 4 to 5 areas in which working with LPVEC, their staff and students could benefit the Boys & Girls Club of West Springfield”
Dan D’Angelo
Executive Director
Boys & Girls Club of West Springfield
615 Main St
West Springfield, MA 01089
(P) 413.736.1831
(F) 413.731.8339

Student photos

Annual Thanksgiving Cookout

Annual Thanksgiving Cookout!




Bistro Kitchen

Mayflower Marathon

Rock 102 Mayflower Marathon

CTEC staff and students raised $959.58 in food donations for the Open Pantry.

BPA Duct Tape Ceremony

BPA Duct Tape Ceremony 11/25/2013

BPA Duct Tape Ceremony 11/26/2013


Students making recyclable wall art to submit for a DECA competition.

Recyclable wall art

EEC Open House

Open House  Nov 26 2013




November 26, 2013
From 5-7 P.M.


Automotive Technology
Brush Hill Academy/CSA
Culinary Arts
Design & Visual Communications
Early Education & Care
Facilities Management
Fashion Technology
Graphic Communications
Health Assisting/Administration
Information Support Services & Networking
Integrated Occupational Preparation
Landscaping Technology/Horticulture
Technical Career Exploratory

PLEASE stop by our BAKE SALE located in the front lobby,proceeds to benefit SkillsUSA students!


Featured Student – Alegra Goncalves

IMG_0968Alegra Goncalves is a senior from Ludlow who began at Career TEC in 2009 and immediately became one of the superstars in her class by showing outstanding determination, leadership and desire to learn. She has been employed at Johnsen’s Catering since June. Alegra has been a Skills USA Officer for the past two years, and is currently the Vice President. Alegra hopes to continue her education at a Culinary College in the fall. We wish her the best of luck!


SkillsUSA State Conference 2011

Career TEC Scholarship – Alegra Goncalves

Pic 2 - Alegra Goncalves

Alegra Goncalves (left) A Culinary Arts Student from Ludlow receives a Career TEC scholarship from guidance counselor Erica Soars (right). Alegra will attend the Culinary Institute of America in the fall.

Featured Student – Travis Bennett

Travis BennettTravis Bennett is a senior at Minnechaug High School and a third year Automotive Technology student. He is currently on a Work Co-Op agreement with Marcotte Ford in Holyoke. He is an AYES (Automotive Youth Educational System) intern. Travis has shown leadership in numerous ways. He took the initiative of seeking employment with a dealership that he really wanted to work for and secured the position with Marcotte Ford. He has been employed at Marcotte Ford since November 2010. He also volunteered to come into the automotive classroom and present a narrative for the students about the Work Co-OP experience and what the students should expect. According to his mentor, Matthew Boyington ,he is improving every week, learning new skills and becoming a good technician.

Vocational Student of the Year

Vocational Student of the Year

Alegra Goncalves, a Senior Culinary Arts student from Ludlow, has been chosen as “The Outstanding Vocational Student of the Year” at The Career and Technical Education Center for 2011.  Alegra, along with 49 other students from across the state, was honored on April 14th at Mechanics Hall in Worcester. Alegra a member of the school’s Skills USA chapter has also taken a lead role in fundraising for her program and for other charitable organizations including the “Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism”. Alegra who is employed by a local catering company plans on attending The Culinary Institute of America in the fall.



Featured Student – David Blanchard

David BlanchardDavid Blanchard is a Senior from Agawam in the Landscape Technology/Horticulture Program. He has been in the program for two years during which time he has demonstrated leadership as the Secretary and the current FFA Chapter President. In the past year, he has attended the Officer Training Workshop and the Winter Leadership Camp. In addition, he will be competing at the State FFA Convention in March. David serves as a student member on the LAH Advisory Committee and plans to continue operating his landscape business upon graduation.

National FFA Convention 2010

National FFA Convention 2010

Olivia Redfern (Easthampton), Zachary Lyman (Easthampton), and Anthony Camerota (Wilbraham) attended the 2010 National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana  October 20th to 23rd.  They were accompanied by instructor Dan Plourde (FFA Advisor) and technical assistant Doreen Angelucci (chaperone) along with approximately 52,000 other FFA student members.    The participants performed two National Days of Service activities at Indy Parks and the Indiana State Fairgrounds related to their landscaping program.  Other convention highlights included the Career Show, the Opening General Session at Conseco Field House (home of the Indiana Pacers), and a tour of Purdue University at West Lafayette, IN.  Evening entertainment included a concert by Easton Corbin and headliner Lady Antebellum at Lucus Oil Stadium and a Broncs and Bulls Rodeo at the fairgrounds.

Featured Student – Kristen Adams

kirsten-300x223Kristen Adams has maintained an A average throughout her 3 years in the Fashion Technology program. She has held a job at Abercrombie and Fitch for over a year and is currently on co-op there. As President of DECA, Kristen led many DECA activities. Most notably our “Give a Little Bit” campaign for gifts for foster children was Kristen’s brain child. She took this project from an idea to a reality and helped to increase the project to twice the size of the first year. Kristen will attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.

Outstanding Vocational Student 2010 – Desiree Rosario

Bi-annual Blood Drive being sponsored by the Health Assisting Class.

Save the Dates: December 22, 2015 and April 26, 2016 from 8 AM to 2 PM.


Desiree Rosario, a Health Assisting Student from Agawam, has been named as the Career TEC Outstanding Vocational Student for 2010. She will be honored along with 42 other students on April 15th at Mechanics Hall in Worcester for her achievements. Congratulations to Desiree, her family, and the Health Assisting Program.

Distributive Education Club of America

deca2009-1024x768Six students from Fashion Technology recently traveled to Buffalo N.Y. to attend the DECA (Distributive Education Club of America) Northeast Regional Leadership Conference . Attending the conference were Stephanie Lee (CTEC/Agawam),Janel Theis (CTEC/Agawam), Kristen Adams (Longmeadow),Gina Marino (Longmeadow), Latricia Anderson ( Minnechaug) and Shawna Sperry (Southwick).

Featured Student – Luis Vazquez


vazquez-300x223Luis Vazquez is a senior from West Springfield, and a member of our Automotive Technology program. Because of his standing in the top 5% of his class, Luis participated in the A.Y.E.S. (Automotive Youth Educational System) program and is currently employed at Balise Chevy as an auto technician. Luis takes pride in his work and is known for his exceptional diagnostic skills. After graduation he plans to continue his education in the automotive field.

Vocational Student of the Year. – Karissa Martin