Brush Hill Academy

Brush Hill Academy

Brush Hill Academy is a forward thinking, culturally competent alternative education program that empowers young men and women to make meaningful decisions to positively impact their future success in college or in a career. Students are immersed in a supportive relational environment while successfully completing their high school education in technology-rich, creatively stimulating surroundings. We value shared responsibility, shared knowledge, and shared decision making.

The Academy offers a small, supportive learning environment in which a student is provided with individualized support, as necessary, by qualified academic teachers. This program is considered a program for students who are “at risk” of dropping out and specializes in assisting those students who may not be successful in their home high school for a variety of reasons. Often a student who feels alienated from the larger school setting may blossom once they become more successful in a smaller, personalized environment.


Annual Thanksgiving Cookout

Annual Thanksgiving Cookout!

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