The Cosmetology program is a comprehensive competency based Chapter 74 approved three-year program designed to develop skills used by cosmetologists. Students who wish to enter the program must do so by the start of their sophomore year. The Cosmetology program is certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration of Cosmetologists. Upon successful competition of the course, which includes the requirement of 1000 instructional hours, students are prepared to take the Board of Registration of Cosmetologists license exam using the curriculum standards set by the Board. All of the professionals in the field of Cosmetology work closely with the public and are regulated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure Board of Registration of Cosmetologists. This Board also sets the curriculum requirements, which is aligned with the Massachusetts Department of Education Vocational Technical Education Frameworks – Business and Consumer Services Cluster – Cosmetology, and regulates the schools that train candidates in these occupations. The Board protects the health and safety of the public by maintaining high standards for the industry.

Students in the Cosmetology program are introduced to career opportunities in the field of cosmetology that includes hair stylist, manicurist, skin care specialist, cosmetic chemist, and make-up artist. The curriculum follows the guidelines set by the Board of Registration of Cosmetologists. Under the supervision of licensed instructors in a state of the art equipped classroom/shop, students will learn techniques and skills necessary for success in the beauty industry along with the sciences of the profession including anatomy, physiology, and chemistry. The Level One student is exposed to the basic fundamentals of hairdressing. After 250 hours, Level Two students are able to perform hands-on, non-chemical services on clients. Chemicals are introduced to Level Three students after completing 400 hours. Qualified Level Four students who have mastered skills in all phases of cosmetology will have the opportunity to extend their learning experience into the world of work in an area salon as part of the Co-operated Education Program.

Course Objectives:
Using industry standards students will learn the following competencies:
♦ Integrate academics through project based learning
♦ Create a portfolio
♦ Recognize career pathway opportunities
♦ Interact safely in a shop environment
♦ Develop a knowledge of toxic reduction alternatives
♦ Incorporate the use of industry standard technology and software
♦ Read, understand, and communicate in the language of the field
♦ Organize and research information
♦ Develop a professional appearance, exemplary work ethic and superior communication skills
♦ Interact safely in a personal services environment
♦ Determine client needs

Program benefits:
♦ OSHA 10 Hour Safety Certification
♦ Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure Board of Registration of Cosmetologists license preparation

Looking toward the future:
Students completing the Cosmetology program have the option of securing gainful employment, continuing formal studies at the post-secondary level, or pursuing a combination of both. The Board of Registration offers additional licenses in the personal services industry.

Cosmetology/Personal Services is the art and science of improving beauty through care and treatment of the skin, hair, and nails. Once a student has completed the required 1000 instructional hours and has passed the Board of Registration of Cosmetologists license exam there are numerous career opportunities awaiting them. Employment can be found in independent salons, day spas, retail sales, health care centers, cruise lines, and the entertainment industry. There are many options for post–secondary technical training leading toward additional licenses as well as pursuing majors in business management, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

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Rhonda Moran
Exploratory & 1st


Wendy Ventura
Exploratory, 1st & 2nd


Lisa Bonsant
2nd & 3rd year


Kelsey Hodge
Clinical Assistant