Machine Technology

The Machine Technology program
features a state-of-the-art facility that includes the latest in technology including Computer Numeric Control (CNC) milling machines and lathes as well as a computer lab for CAD/CAM instruction.  The Machine Technology program offers students the opportunity to experience the latest technology in the machine tool industry. Machine tool technology students receive training through hands-on experience that replicates operations used in industry. Metal parts are produced through the use of lathes, millers, surface grinders, Computerized Numerical Control (C.N.C.) machines,


The Machine Technology program provides students the opportunity to learn all the skills demanded of the 21st Century machinist. Students follow a course sequence that starts with the basics of manual machining and progresses to advanced multi-axis CNC programming, setup, and operation. Qualified and skilled machinists are presently in high demand and students completing our program are ready to immediately enter the workforce or continue their education in college.


At the core of today’s mechanized world is the machinist and machine technology.  This industry requires skilled technicians to carry out new ideas and plans in the production of all types of manufactured parts. Many of these skilled technicians find exciting career opportunities with substantial earning potential. Nearly every product created today, from housing to transportation to food, requires the expertise and skill of the machine technology machinist.  Highly-trained machinists can be found in a variety of different fields including computer, automotive, defense and aircraft products as well as medical research and development.

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