Building/Property Management

Building / Property Maintenance program is an approved Chapter 74 competency based program designed to introduce students to the many facets of building and property maintenance: interior, exterior, seasonal grounds and lawn care. The curriculum aligns with the Massachusetts Department of Education Vocational Technical Education Frameworks – Construction Cluster – Building/Property Maintenance.
Students are introduced to a cross-section of hands-on training in basic skills related to building/property maintenance including: carpentry, floor care, landscaping, painting, also basic plumbing repairs such as faucets and toilets, with an emphasis on safe work practices, employability skills and safety. Safety within the curriculum includes the use of appropriate hand and power tools in conjunction with industry standards. Students learn preventative maintenance and repair techniques of small engines and power tools.
Students work both independently and in team related projects using maintenance and repair manuals and other appropriate resources for research in problem solving. Students will gain knowledge through field studies and off-site work experiences that align with the curriculum.

Course Objectives:
Using industry standards students will learn the following competencies:
♦ Integrate academics through project based learning
♦ Create a portfolio
♦ Recognize career pathway opportunities
♦ Interact safely in a shop environment
♦ Incorporate the use of industry standard technology and software
♦ Read, understand, and communicate in the language of the field
♦ Organize and research information
♦ Develop a professional appearance, exemplary work ethic and superior communication skills
♦ Develop customer relations
♦ Determine customers’ needs
♦ Safely operate and maintain tools & equipment
♦ Understand and utilize tools of measurements
♦ Understand terminology as it pertains to building codes and city ordinances

Program Benefit:
♦ OSHA 10 Hour Safety Certification

Looking toward the future:
The employment field for building/property management is related to the number of buildings/properties in the general locale such as office and apartment/condominium complexes, industrial parks, retail outlets, schools, hospitals, hotels, malls, and factories. Many building/property maintenance and repair workers enhance their skills by working as apprentices to other repair or construction workers including: carpenters, masons, heating and air technicians, mechanical repairers and groundskeepers. They begin by doing simple jobs, such as fixing leaky faucets and replacing light bulbs, and progress to more difficult tasks, such as overhauling machinery or building walls. Many general maintenance and repair workers in large organizations advance to maintenance supervisor or become licensed electricians, plumbers, masons, or heating and air-conditioning technicians. A growing number of new buildings rely on computers to control several of their systems, general maintenance and repair workers may need basic computer skills, such as how to log onto a central computer system and navigate through a series of menus. Companies that install computer-controlled equipment generally provide on-site training for general maintenance and repair workers.

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Rick Quackenbush
1st, 2nd, 3rd year


Tony Landers
Technical Assistant
  • CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Building/ Property Management:

    CTEC NEWS – September and October 2015 Building/Property Management:

    • Oct. 2nd field trip to the workshop of Robert Lord, Fine Furniture Marker in Ashfield, MA where students had the opportunity to learn about conservation & restoration along with harvesting greenwood for a project.
    • Community service volunteers in the program have been assisting the West Springfield DPW spreading woodchips in the area playgrounds.