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Landscaping / Horticulture

The Landscaping/Horticulture program is a Chapter 74 approved program aligned with the Massachusetts Department of Education Vocational Technical Education Frameworks – Agriculture and Natural Resources Cluster – Horticulture that offers a comprehensive competency based course that explores career areas in landscape maintenance, construction and design, greenhouse production, nursery production, floriculture, and retail garden center operation. The program emphasizes knowledge of plant science as a foundation to all career areas. Students learn while using equipment and materials that represent industry standards. Project based learning activities, residential landscaping projects, greenhouse sales, and floral projects provide experiences for students to reinforce, practice skills, and knowledge learned in the classroom setting.
The classroom environment is geared towards preparing students for the world of work with respect to work ethic, attitude, professionalism, and teamwork. Leadership and personal development skills are promoted through involvement in the Future Farmers of American (FFA) student organization.

Course Objectives:
Using industry standards students will learn the following competencies:
♦ Integrate academics through project based learning
♦ Create a portfolio
♦ Recognize career pathway opportunities
♦ Interact safely in a shop environment
♦ Incorporate the use of industry standard technology and software
♦ Read, understand, and communicate in the language of the field
♦ Organize and research information
♦ Develop a professional appearance, exemplary work ethic and superior communication skills
♦ Demonstrate customer service and sales skills and process method of sales transaction
♦ Use resources for research and problem solving
♦ Demonstrate teamwork, customer service and sales skills
♦ Safely operate and maintain tools and equipment
♦ Identify types of plants used in the industry
♦ Design, construct, and maintain landscapes
♦ Grow and care for greenhouse crops
♦ Prepare basic floriculture products

Program benefits:
♦ OSHA 10 Hour Safety Certification
♦ Future Farmers of America (FFA)
♦ Greenhouse Operations
♦ Floral Design Operations
♦ Landscape Design and Construction
♦ Pesticide License Exam Preparation
♦ Hoisting License Exam Preparation
♦ Horticulture and Landscape Business Operations

Looking toward the future:
Take a look around you. Your environment is enhanced by maintained lawns and grounds, gardens, majestic trees, and natural settings. However nature needs quite a bit of help to maintain and/or create beautiful settings and serene landscapes. The field of landscaping technology and horticulture goes far beyond the lawn mower. Landscapers perform a variety of tasks necessary to achieve a pleasant and functional environment. There is an increase in career opportunities for those in occupations that support the expanding interest in the quality of our global environment. Specialist in areas such as landscape architecture, forestry, agriculture, plant sciences, conservation, and natural resources are in high demand. They often work for or with Federal, state and local governments, extension programs, research facilities and colleges and universities.

Students completing the Landscaping Technology/Horticulture program have the option of securing gainful employment, continuing formal studies at the post-secondary level, or pursuing a combination of both.

The Landscaping Technology/Horticulture program has an articulation agreement with Springfield Technical Community College. Through this articulation agreement students have the opportunity to earn college credit in Principles of Horticulture (GL 120) – 3 credits.

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Lynn Dupuis
Exploratory & 1st year


George Marion
2nd & 3rd year


Angela Silvestri
Technical Assistant
  • Landscape/Horticulture News Letter

    Landscape/Horticulture News Letter

    Landscape & Horticulture Newsletter  2015-04-27 10.31.44 Fall 2014 #1 Mr. Marion & I would like to keep our student families informed as to the things we have going on in our shop. So we will be putting together a Season Newsletter to keep you up to date with what your student is working on. We hope you enjoy getting this newsletter and we welcome any comments. Fall has been a busy time for our students, getting back into the groove of going to school and studying once again. Some of the projects the students have been involved in by class include;

    Seniors– The seniors have been working on some off campus projects such as a paver walkway design and installation out in Southwick. One of their other projects is a maintenance project which includes learning to run the following equipment safely & correctly; mower, backpack & ground blower, and weed trimmers. They are also preparing to take the pesticide exam. They are currently working at the Agawam Bus garage where they are doing a complete renovation of an old planting, along with general clean-up.

    1028141631bPutting Green

    The seniors have also been working for the last two years on the installation of a putting green. This fall the green was completed and the grass is growing. The next step is for them to learn the proper care of a green.  

    Juniors– The 11th grade students this past semester covered how to properly and safely opperate chain saws, turf grass management and their project which they are still working on is a paver walkway that they designed and are in the process of installing along with the seniors. Their other project has been cord wood, they have been cutting and splitting up a storm all fall and they have sold about 7 cords this year.  Juniors have also been working at the bus garage weeding, removing bushes and pruning back the overgrowth.  

    Bus garage

    Sophomores– Have been covering Landscape Maintenance practices such as de-thatching lawns, renovating planting beds, edging of beds and leaf removal. We mainly worked here on campus while learning to use the equipment, and then we slowly go off site to work. Students are also working on two campus projects- A new planting for the Bistro Entrance and repair of the new back lawn. These two projects will cover preparing the site, planning a new design and then installation in the spring. We started with Floral Design a couple of weeks ago, concentrating on the care & handling of floral products, types of flowers and greens, safety in the work place, floral design principles, and business practices. Students will be making round and a candle center pieces for Thanksgiving sales. Right after Thanksgiving all the students will be getting started on the wreaths and kissing balls. First we will be harvesting evergreens (If anyone has any white pine, hemlock ect.. they would like to donate let us know). Once we complete harvesting the evergreens the students will learn to mix the greens and assemble them as they go. This year they will learn how to use a wreath machine and the bow maker.   Our

    Open house is this week November 25, 2014 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Hope you can make it.

  • Students learning Landscape Maintenance

    Students learning Landscape Maintenance

    2015-04-27 10.32.122015-04-27 10.39.29

    Liam Jackson & Ben Caron (10th grade) End of winter clean up of salt & sand from parking areas. 10th grade class removing the salt & sand from grass areas along the roadways at CTEC.

    Bus garage20150410_091723

    Spring clean-up at Bus Garage & CTEC