How can your business support young people

Community Involvement

Vocational technical education programs benefit when the community is involved. Business and industry Leaders play an important role in the educational process by establishing partnerships with the schools.

How can your business support young people?

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Guest Speaker: A representative speaks to students about a career in a given field and share insights gained from his or her personal journey.
Business Tours: Students visit your business facilities to learn about products, services and job opportunities.
Job Shadow: A student spends about two hours observing an employee's daily work activities, and talk to adults on the job.
Mock Interviewer: Professional visits CTEC to provide real life practice and feedback to students by conducting face to face interviews for a job identified by the student.
Career Mentor: An adult is matched with a student who is interested a specific profession. The adult will assist and help the student in understanding the personal and academic skills they will need to successfully pursue a career path.
Internship: An internship is an unpaid work-based learning experience in a workplace in which structured learning occurs related to the student’s program of study that are for one to two week period.
Advisory Member: Committees are formed to advise, assist, and support LPV CTEC instructors in order to enhance planning and operation of programs. Members meet two to three times a year.
Cooperative Education Placement: A procedure for extending the student’s learning experience into the world of work, whereby the student is placed real world work experience while earning high school credits and income.
Support Youth Recognition: Provide donations of materials, gifts, and/or awards for youth who demonstrate high levels of community involvement.
Employment: Hiring LPV Career TEC vocational technical education program graduates.

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