About CTEC

About Career TEC

The Lower Pioneer Valley Career and Technical Education Center (Career TEC) is an extension of the seven member high schools served by the Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative. Transportation to and from the Career TEC is provided by the Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative. Enrolling at Career TEC is a part of the process of course selection in the home high school.

How Career TEC Works

Making the decision to attend Career TEC is not always easy. Here are a few points that you may want to consider as you look toward your future:

    • Choosing a Career TEC course of study means you will spend ½ day at your home high school for your academic programs and ½ day in a career and technical program.
    • You may continue to participate in sports and extra curricular activities at your home high school.
    • With completion of a career and technical program your home high school diploma will be complemented with a Certificate of Occupational Competency from Career TEC.
    • Course selections tied to a career pathway will strengthen your skills and better prepare you for making life-long decisions.
    • Qualified students will have the opportunity to participate in work-based learning through cooperative education, internships and job mentoring programs.
    • Tech Prep opportunities are available to you in qualified programs.
    • Post secondary / college planning and placement assistance is available through the Career TEC placement counselor.
    • You may enter your chosen occupation directly after high school or continue training at a community college, technical school, or other post-secondary institution and work part-time.